🏆 3 Golden rules for ROI’stes marketing content

A good marketing content strategy is an essential foundation for achieving your campaign objectives. To make sure you get the impact and ROI you’re looking for, here are 3 golden rules you shouldn’t deviate from.

1 – Determine the precise objectives associated with your content production

Tell me what your objectives are and I’ll tell you what type of content to associate with them.

The “awareness” objective to increase the visibility of your offers and that of the company

When launching a new solution, a new version of an existing solution, a new service or a key partnership, use case studies, studies, market data, infographics, white papers and motion videos to show how your vision matches and is relevant to expectations and needs on the ground.

🚀 Discover an editorial production for DIB France with the objective of raising awareness.

Business” objective to feed your acquisition and prospecting tunnel

Concentrate on the essentials: your “value proposition” associated with the main advantages of your offer, context of use, characteristics, innovation, solutions to customer problems, ROI.

Special Reports, TOP 5s and other concise, didactic formats are perfectly suited to capturing the interest of your audience and identifying prospects who are in tune with the problems solved by your solution. But be careful: the content you offer must really live up to its promise!

🎯 Discover an editorial production with a business objective produced for Insight

Good quality production will enable you to liven up your conversations with the media. As an added bonus, branded or custom content will feed your professional social networks with attractive and relevant assets – that’s a big plus!

2 – Make sure you align the format and type of content with the target audience you want to reach

First of all, your audiences do not consume content in the same way. Whether they are decision-makers or influencers, make sure you match the right format to the right profile.

Make sure you choose the right editorial focus for your audience’s area of expertise. Also remember to structure your content according to your audience’s decision-making level.

Prefer content of the Stakes or Vision type for decision-makers. Advantages and Key Benefits for managers and users.

🚀 Discover an editorial production in white paper format produced for Foliateam & Poly

3 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, multiply the formats to increase your opportunities for interaction

A good strategy for diversifying formats automatically increases the “opportunities” for contact with your target audiences. By using two or three different formats for your content, you double your chances of interacting with your priority targets.

With different formats, you can complete and consolidate your information system and ensure better coverage of your subject. What’s more, you’ll be able to add to your message when the conversation starts with your prospects.

📢 Discover an editorial production in Special Report format for Metsys

With a varied and complementary set of content, you can activate your campaigns using A/B testing. All the variations in activation and highlighting of the different formats in your possession will enable you to adjust your campaigns on the basis of the results obtained.

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